why you’lllove Rebox

  • Consume Audio/Video your way
  • The best kit at the best price
  • Super friendly and helpful
  • Creators of innovative tech

happiness asstandard

hands onsupport

  • Quick response support
  • Efficient problem solvers
  • Keep the promises we make

new kit in town

The new HEVC H.265 RE-2400 DVBT2 Free To Air receiver
Terrestrial TV in HD quality
Perfect for camping and beachhouse

Also check out our Funke DVB-T2 antenna’s for in- and outside usage to combine them with the RE-2400 DVBT2 receiver

free NPO 1, 2 en 3 plus local channel
HDMI and SCART output
designed for the new T2 network
12 Volt
watch & record simultaniously

5 reasons topartner with Rebox

innovation at very
tempting prices

With an agile supply chain, sharp logistics and lean processes, we work intelligently to lower costs across the board to bring you surprisingly low-priced new and refurbished kit.

all round good guys

We work in the same language and time zone as you, which gives us an edge in developing and delivering on time and on budget. Oh, and you can order in low quantities too.

engineered to
last longer

We work closely with large telcos and operators to realise their products and services. And as our designs are modular, it’s super easy to extend product lifecycles too.

hands on

Unlike the big guys, we can solve problems in a few hours. We can even be on-site in a flash or solve the problem remotely in the blink of an eye. It’s just our way.

designs that work
as good as they look

How customers experience our products is everything to us. So we’re a little obsessed with ensuring both form and function come together beautifully.

we’ve earned the trust ofa number of telcos, operators and partners