Camping TV with Rebox means convenience, service and quality

Also to be able to watch TV on the camping site, for a bit of news or a movie, most people find pleasant.
With a dish on the camper roof, or a tripod in the grass, with a piece of cable, you can come a long way.
And then a set-top box…
When offering a Rebox Satellite receiver to your customers, you choose for;

  • Quality and stability
  • Excellent support, regarding questions and issues. Your customers can simply contact us directly. That takes some work off your plate.
  • Great user friendliness. Whether someone chooses to be a Canal Digitaal subscriber, or  they choose for Joyne as a provider. In both cases a scan for the channels is done without any effort.

RE-4220HD S-PVR (Black)

Does your customer have  ‘220 Volt on the pole’ , then the RE-4220HS S-PVR is a good choice. Frontside acces for the smartcard or CI module people often find pleasant with this single-tuner.
Of course the RE-2220HD S-PVR has its own advantage, with its 12 Volt connection, plus the very compact design, which makes it fit in every corner.
Let’s not forget to mention the IR-extension cable/eye, which is included as a standard accessory.

In short, camping TV with a Rebox receiver offers your customers convenience, pleasure, quality, and good service.

Does your customer already have a receiver in the camper, and is it being pulled out of winter storage, for a vacation/road trip?
Let them check the receiver and smartcard, before they leave. Every year, several times we experience, that a smartcard has to be reactivated, due to none usage for a long time, and also that a ‘fresh’ channel list has to be loaded, or even that there is a very old version of the software installed on the receiver.
When customers call us about this, from their camping site, in the south of France, we always manage to solve it. But a check in advance saves stress, and at home people often have more needed functionalities/equipment, such as the Internet and a USB stick for a software update etc.