Rebox featured dealer Veldmeyer Audio Video in Hilversum

Rebox dealer Veldmeyer Audio Video, the specialist in the field of image, sound and satellite.
For over 50 Years a household name in the Gooi!

In 1964, when Ruud Veldmeijer, at the age of 19, began in the garage of Grandpa Jan, at the Professor Poelsstraat, Velmeyer Audio Video was born. Ruud Veldmeijer had a lot of fun with taking apart and fixing televisions and vacuum cleaners. A enthusiastic eye for business he got from Grandpa Jan.

When Ruud became 21 years old, he could finally register at the Chamber of Commerce in Hilversum. The first own shop, with a repair department was opened at the Lijsterweg 25, shortly after that.  Ruud and a fast growing team of technical men, went everywhere, to place antennas on the roof. In the field of 27MC and scanners they got so busy, that a CB service was opened for this purpose, at the Kleine Drift 65.

Rebox dealer Veldmeyer Audio Video

In the meantime son Fred grew up, also Fred had an excessive interest in devices with a power plug. Fred disassembled radios, amplifiers and receivers, and once created a private broadcast station with his childhood friend Johan, the antenna for this station was soon found by angry neighbors, when they interrupted a live broadcast of the news. On Saturdays and after school, Fred was very fond of being in the store or workshop.
Logically, Fred came to work in the store at a young age, and at the end of 2012, after his father retired, he got to take over the whole business.

The Veldmeyer shop is still located at Kleine Drift 65 and still has its own department for repairs, and an enormous assortment of sound and vision, car audio equipment, cables, plugs, vintage – and trade in equipment, which makes the store a unique and beloved place for regular customers.

The possibilities of receiving by satellite, Fred had been following since day 1.
Because of this you can not only come to Rebox dealer Veldmeijer Audio Video to buy, but also for installation, repairs, alignment, adjusting and advise.
In 2016 Fred followed a professional training in Italy for automatic and self-monitoring satellite installation for instance for campers.
In the recreational season on a regular basis a camper or trailer can be found in front of the store.
Installation by appointment is possible daily at Veldmeijer.

Veldmeyer Audio Video
Kleine Drift 65-67
1221 JZ  Hilversum