Rebox featured dealer Msat in Axel

For over 20 years Msat, based in Axel, has been active as a satellite specialist.
Initially started with the selling and installing of satellite TV at homes.
Due to the growing demand, sales and installation of satellite dishes on campers and caravans have also been added.
Later on the range was further expanded with audio, video and TV.

Our Sales representatives and installers are at it on a daily basis, to advise our customers as well as possible and to ensure that the installations are done with care.In the store there is a wide range of products, from satellite receivers, TV’s, automatic satellite antennas, to audio streaming devices.

Watching TV has changed a lot in recent years.The need to watch your favorite program on various devices has also increased.
We have also become more mobile. This is evident from the growing number of campers on the market. This group in particular chooses to watch TV ‘on the road’, via satellite.
For example, after a day out, have a look at the news for a moment.

To stay connected via social media and watch online programs, a good Wi-Fi connection is essential of course.  Also for that situation there are solutions. For instance, you can think of your own Wi-Fi network in the camper or trailer with a wireless router, so multiple devices can be provided with an internet connection simultaneously.

At home, more and more use is made of online services such as Netflix, Youtube and watching TV on-demand.Postponed watching and recording via the cloud is also used more often.
With the arrival of all kinds of mobile devices, streaming audio is a common solution for listening to services such as Spotify, Tidal, etc.By using devices, such as iEAST, it is very easy to connect your phone or tablet to an amplifier or active/passive speakers.

If you want some advice or you have questions about satellite installations, Wi-Fi or audio streaming, we can help you with this. Also for the sales and/or installation of equipment you are most welcome at Msat.

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4571 HN  Axel