innovationsthat give you an edge

We design kit that’s engineered to go the distance, makes it a breeze to extend their lifecycle and vitally, stuff that customers enjoy. With us, there’s only ever an upside.

technology thatmakes your life easier

First up, high innovation comes at a low cost. Next, we can quickly integrate software, middleware and digital rights management to take the stress away from you.

customers thatnever leave your side

It’s a simple equation. Next generation TV hardware + multimedia entertainment = happy customers who don’t cut the cord. It all adds up to a happier you.

we'll turn your brainwaveinto a reality, quick smart

Don’t be shy, show us your ideas, objectives and what sort of product you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. We’ll add our own expertise to your thoughts and together we’ll arrive at a creative solution that makes your moment of inspiration come alive.

You see, we can engineer custom products from scratch, incorporating all the latest gadgets and wizardry, and get a proof of concept back to you in 10 weeks. Yes, really. Just 10 weeks. One of many benefits of being a lean manufacturer.

So bring us your scribbles and we’ll work efficiently, creatively and flexibly to make them a reality.

innovationsthat give you an edge

At Rebox, we know that innovations are vital to keeping you ahead of the competition. So we’ve got the creation of TV products down to a fine art, regularly manufacturing kit that people want to buy, rent or use.

And their enjoyment of these products is engineered to last longer. Much longer. Thanks to our modular design you can easily extend their lifecycle and save yourself money in the process. Not bad huh?

As an agile company, we can move really fast. New idea? We’ll have a prototype to you quicker than you can say innovation. Well, within 10 weeks. But that’s still very very fast.

technology thatmakes your life easier

We’ve found our approach is like a breath of fresh air for operators. We can quickly integrate middleware or software (if it’s not already), handle digital rights management and also take care of Conditional Access Systems with ease, leaving you confident that content is always secure.

But that’s just for starters. We also offer full support with all our products, with staff fluent in English and Dutch and for whom being helpful is like second nature.

And like an eager DJ, we love special requests. Want your product drop shipped? Sure thing. Require a fast delivery? Right away. Or need products financed to keep your balance sheet clean? Consider it done.

customers thatnever leave your side

Happy customers make for happy operators. And so to make sure that everyone keeps smiling, we engineer and assemble next generation remote controls, set top boxes, HDMI sticks, gateways, hybrids, smart home products and so much more that people love using.

All our products talk to Android and Linux like the best of friends and give your customers the freedom to enjoy content anywhere in their home. And should they have any questions, our support team is quick and responsive.

And because customers don’t leave their operator’s side, we find operators like to stick with us too. We’re all just one big happy family.

jaw-droppinginside and out

We push the limits of technology and design to create products that look and function superbly. For us, they come hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other.

It’s all the little things that come together to make the whole. Intuitive designs, precision detailing – all backed up by rock solid performance.

And by creating products of such high calibre, your customers’ enjoyment of them increases too. Which is really what we’re all here for anyway.

all for fun andterrestrial fun for all