IMPORTANT Canal Digitaal smartcard news

May 12th 2021 we got confirmed from Canal Digitaal/M7 Group the following:

Operation of a single Canal Digitaal smartcard, used in a satellite receivers internal smartcardreader, no matter what brand/model (so also Rebox), will end, some day.The exact date was not known yet, but they think of somewhere end/2021, beginning 2022. But maybe later, you never know.

If, someday, a service can not be decoded anymore (a usually message can be: Scrambled service), your smartcard used with a Canal Digitaal ‘white’ (Nagra licensed) CI module, will give you LiveTV again.

Almost all Rebox models do not only have 1 or 2 smartcardreaders, but also 1 or 2 CI slots. So all these models will operating permanently.
Except one STB model: the RE-2020HD S-PVR
Because this model only has a cardreader, and no CI slot.

Also not known yet if all subscription services will be affected.
Of course all free to air services will be available.

Unfortunately there will also be a negative impact to a twin-tuner.
A single smartcard in it’s cardreader gave us the ability for LiveTV + recording simultaneously.
Using a CI module will limit you in this because of it’s un-abillity of dualdecoding.

Although this is a regrettable situation, unfortunately it’s not in our ability to do anything about it.

New Rebox satellite receivers to develop
The development of a new UHD/4K single-tuner satellite receiver is running for quite some time. LiveTV + recording (dual-decoding) will be able for this model, while a Canal Digitaal Nagravision CI module + smartcard, or a CAM-701 CI+ module is used.
Of course within the same transponder, because it’s a single tuner, right?
The next step would be the development of a twin version with these unique skills.

Unfortunately the Corona situation plus the trade-war between the U.S. and China results in the unavailability of several needed components.
we expect/hope that this will change somewhere in the 3rd quarter/2021, so we can continue.

To be expected is that we all can look back soon to this as a little temporarily disruption 😉