Why choose an iEAST Multiroom Audio Streamer instead of another brand

Multiroom Audio Streaming can be achieved by equipping 2 or more spaces / zones within a home network with multiroom audio systems. But the question is… which systems shall I choose…

Nowadays there is quite a lot offer in this area. Most of the times, these are wireless speaker systems, namely an active speaker(set) with streaming functionality.
Without calling these systems by name and brand, most undoubtedly know which are meant.
It’s for certain, that these are firmly priced or even very high priced. Prices from €249.00 / €389.00 / €699.00 are certainly no exception.
However, almost none of them, even the ones which are even higher priced, offer support for such as AirPlay.

multiroom audio iEAST at Rebox

Isn’t there anything cheaper?
Well, yes there is. Also for €129.00 you can get such a complete system.
However, usually it’s something with just a 5 Watt speaker, meant for area’s till 10 m2.
And with a little bit of bad luck, they then only have Bluetooth functionality, and thus no WiFi. Other shortcomings, which we often see, is that an additional hardware connector is required for LAN cabling, or that for the multiroom functionality or streaming from a PC ‘third party’ apps are required.

But… fair = fair.. it must be said, that there are truly beautifully styled systems among them, which are a jewel for your home.

Bottom line, it still comes down to, that if you want to stream audio, for example, in your living room, kitchen, or study, you are dealing with 3x €249.00. That is nearly €750 EURO! And then my estimation is still low!!

But it can be done differently
To get straight to the point, I’ll start here, with mentioning our current iEAST multiroom audio streamer models and their prices.
AudioCast  : €49.00
SoundStream  : €99.00
SoundStream Pro  : €139.00
StreamAmp AM160  : €289.00
StreamAmp AMP-i50B  : €309.00
Click on the model names, to go to the different product pages, to see which functionalities these audio streams have to offer.
A quick glance teaches, that if you would take 2x an AudioCast and 1x a SoundStream Pro, you are set for only €237.00. That is more than 300% in difference!!!
That’s what I mean …
Of course we also have some higher priced models. For example, the StreamAmp AM160.
But then we are talking about an audio streamer, with a stereo 2x 80 Watt (!) amplifier on board. This streamer you just connect to 2 normal (passive) speakers of your choice.

General features of our different iEAST multiroom audio streamers

  • WiFi (802.11 b/g/n standards | 2.4 GHz)
  • Free downloadable iEAST Play app for Android and iOS
    With this app, you can Manage your streamable music (sources), the locations / zones, volume, alarm clock / alarm functionalities
  • Many online music services like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Quobuz, Napster, TuneIn
    With app updates more online streaming services can become available over time.
  • Via the app, controllable music files, from your smartphone memory, NAS, PC, MAC
  • WPS quick connect functionality/button for a fast, secured (WPA/WPA2) connection with your WiFi network
  • Airplay and DLNA protocol
  • Multiroom control via the app, allowing you to randomly make any combination of the listed audio streamers, to stream your music to all locations, or just different songs to the different zones
  • 24 bit / 192 KHz | supported file formats: mp3, wma, aac, aac+, alac, flac, ape, wac

Easy peasy ..
For those, who think “multiroom streaming .. sounds rather complicated”…
In our download section on our website, there are manuals waiting for you, in the category iEAST.
But you can always call or e-mail us of course.
In addition, more and more of our dealers also have several iEAST models in their assortment, and you can possibly find our iEAST products in a store near you.

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