Joyne Belgium with a Rebox satellite receiver

Joyne Belgium with a Rebox Satellite Receiver.
Following the Dutch market, M7 / Canal Digitaal competitor – JOYNE – will now also offer a Flemish channel package.
With this ‘BE Joyne Travel’ package , also our southern-neighbours have the option to choose: M7/TV Vlaanderen or Joyne.
Starting from August 2018 this should be realized.

Joyne België beconcurreerd TV Vlaanderen

For this Joyne Belgium package a 3rd transponder, 11727, has been put into use.
A Rebox single tuner satellite reciver, like the RE-4220HD S-PVR, will of course scan all Joyne frequencies automatically.
With the arrival of Joyne on the Dutch market in 2017, we have developed a special software version, especially for this.
For the above mentioned ‘4220’ model, for example, that is version 3.02.88.
Next to the  already present Canal Digitaal Fastscan, which is in all the firmware versions, this user-friendly Joyne Scan is also now implemented in this new version.
Moreover, our user-friendliness, and more, is also excellently worded in this Totaal TV article!

Rebox Joyne België dealers

In view of the above developments, it seems so at least, lately we are seeing an increase in the demand for Rebox satellite receivers, directly from the Belgian end user.
Since years, we of course also have several dealers in Belgium.
You can find them easily through our ‘find a local store’ menu on

And have you bought a Rebox satellite TV receiver, from us or from one of our Belgian Rebox Dealers, and would you like to ask/know something, then you can call us directly of course. Sending an e-mail is also ok.
And I you feel like a taking a drive to Haarlem…. Our coffee is excellent!