Joyne satellite TV – the Dutch Canal Digitaal competitor

For over 15 years, Dutch/European satellite dish owners with Canal Digitaal subscription, can enjoy the extensive TV / Radio channels this satellite TV provider offers.
For this broadcasting technique, the Joyne satellite TV provider has entered the play field.

Joyne en Canal Digitaal logo

Since August 2017, Joyne has begun broadcasting, via de Eutelsat satellite on 9 degrees East.
With a relatively small (from 45 cm) dish, all popular commercial Dutch services (and  more) are receivable across Europe.
The current channel offer is divided over 2 transponders, and is offered in 2 packages, which can be taken in 4 subscription forms (1/3/6/12 months).
The subscription channels must be decoded, via a Joyne satellite TV CI+ module.

Joyne satellite TV CI plus module with integrated smartcard

>>> This Joyne module is available in our webshop, in the category – modules and smartcards.

The Rebox receiver
At this moment, Rebox is (almost) the only provider offering various models of satellite receivers (or are already in circulation), which work good together with this Joyne satellite TV module.
Another major advantage is that, after scanning the services, you can put these Joyne satellite TV services in a user-friendly order. Just 2 RCU button clicks. So, piece of cake.

An RE-4220HD S-PVR with software version 3.02.64 installed on it.
This version supports CI+ modules.
You can download this software version, via the support/download menu.
For instance, this software type has been used by our “next door neighbors” east of us, with a HD+ subscription, for a while now.
In addition, in this example we presume, that the dish/LNB is aligned with the Eutelsat 9 degrees east.

  • In the ‘service search menu’ choose for the option ‘manual’ and select ‘9.0 E Eutelsat 9A/Ka – Sat 9A’ in the satellite list.
  • Select ‘11747 H’ from the frequency/transponder list and type in ‘30000” as the Symbol rate.
  • Choose the option ‘Network ON’, and initiate the service search.

Within a few seconds the currently available 38 TV services and 10 radio services will be found.
Historically speaking, the focus for this receiver/software was based on the Canal Digitaal user.
That is why all other channels, like the Joyne satellite TV services, are automatically positioned from ‘4000’ and up, in the service list.
But if you turn OFF The Local Channel Number (LCN), you let go of the traditional ‘Canal Digitaal Table’, and the Joyne Satellite TV services will appear neatly, from position 1 in the service list.

>>> press the OK button, to open the service list, than press the blue RCU button, and choose LCN = OFF

Good to know
Because you chose the option ‘Network ON’ before initiating the scan, the other transponder
(12073 V) will also be scanned into the list.
In standard setting the FST update option is ‘ON’. As it is known, this option searches for a newer version of the ‘Fast Scan Table list’, on the Astra 1 and/or Astra 3, if provided by Canal Digital.
Because we specifically did not do a (Canal Digitaal) Fastscan a newer FST list will always be found when, next to the Eutelsat, you also have LNB’s for the Astra’s/Hotbird.
So this will result in an automatic update of the service list with additional found Astra/Hotbird services, when you boot the Rebox receiver.
If you do not want this, then you must turn OFF the FST update in the service search menu.

>>> Joyne pressrelease