Rebox – and the Corona situation

Due to the the Corona situation, our office is only occupied by one person. Our other colleagues work at home.
In case you will call us for support, you might be in touch with a home based employee. In case your support question needs some testing or further investigation from our side, we might have to forward your call to our office. In that case it’s possible you have to wait a bit longer for your answer/solution than usual. We are sorry for this, but we hope you will understand.

But … we still are available for you, by phone and email.
Also for testing, investigation and repairments, we are able to receive your Rebox product.
Even stopping by at our office for handover your product, or questions, is still possible.
As long as we keep the safety rules/procedures. And please, make a phonecall first.

We still take care, on a daily basis, for our webshop orders, and the orders made by our dealer and wholesale partners. End of each day (mon/fri) our parcel services still collect your orders, and deliver them next day, within the Netherlands (and as we speak, still in Belgium). But … maybe this will change. We will see.

Well, if you have any questions, please give us a call, or drop us an email: 023 – 5310 883 /

For now, take good care of yourself, and the people around you.