Transponder alterations – Canal Digitaal

Soon changes will be made, in phases, within Canal Digitaal.
We are referring to so-called transponder alterations.
This often means, that one or more channels will get another frequency.
If you experience deviating results, regarding image and/or sound then:

  • In priciple, you won’t have to do anything, if you have a RE-2220/4220/8220 HD S-PVR with the FST option = ON.
    The FST functionality look, if there is a new fastscan list available on the satellite, for Canal Digitaal.
    If so, the Rebox will automatically read this in.
  • If you have another model Satellite settop box, or you don’t make use of the FST update, the please execute a Reset Service data, via the settings menu, and initiate a Fastscan, so a ‘fresh’ channellist will be read in.
    If you have a twin- tuner, for example a RE-9000HD PVR, a RE-8500HD PVR, or the most resent satellite dual tuner, the RE-8220HD S-PVR, please execute this, for both tuners separately.

If you have any question, give us a call, or send us an e-mail.

On 5 februari the following channels will change their satellite transponders:
Cartoon Network, FOX Sports International 2 HD, L1mburg en Radio L1.

On 27 februari , the following channels will change their satellite transponders:
Omrop Fryslân, TV Noord, TV Drenthe, TV Oost, Omroep Zeeland, Omroep Brabant, TV Gelderland and Outdoor Channel HD.
Radio channels:
Radio 1 until 5, 100% NL, Arrow Classic Rock, Radio Veronica, Classic FM, Sky Radio, BNR, Radio 538, Radio 10 Gold, Slam! FM and FunX.

On 26 maart the following channels will change their satellite transponders:
RTL 4 HD, RTL 5 HD, RTL 7 HD, RTL 8 HD, RTL Z, RTL Lounge, Reality Kings, Eurosport 2 and FOX Sports International 2 HD.