TV on the beach and campsite

In the summer of 2019 we were frequently visited and called by people who had little or no reception from TV on the beach, or at their campsite, in the Netherlands.
They were used to watching TV with their DVB-T receiver, with an (indoor or outdoor) antenna.

Namely, in July 2019, KPN migrated the last provinces to the new “T2” standard. Since then, changes / improvements have been made to the old Terrestrial (ether) Digitenne network, which meant that a modern DVB-T2 TV receiver also had to be used.

So many people had missed this, and came to us for:

  • Or a new DVB-T2 TV receiver
  • Or for a suitable, very powerful outdoor antenna, exactly what you want, especially at a beach location: the YAGINX + (range: 80 km).
    Rebox has been the distributor of Funke Digital for the various indoor and outdoor antenna models since the middle of last year.
  • Or for both.

The DVB-T2 receiver
They come in two flavors.

  • A receiver that we have developed and delivered for KPN and Online subscribers. So you get a receiver from them when taking out a subscription.
  • And the RE-2400DVBT2 FTA receiver.
    So this is a Free To Air receiver, with which you can watch NPO1, 2, 3 and the regional channel for free: and for the free radio channels: NPO Radio 1, NPO Radio 2, NPO 3FM, NPO Radio 4, NPO Radio 5, NPO Soul & Jazz, FunX.

Regarding the RE-2400DVBT2 FTA option;
Owners of a beach house or a pitch at a campsite in the Netherlands mainly indicated that:

We like to be outside as much and for as long as possible, and TV is the least important, certainly in this period.
But … we do like it if we can watch the News or News Hour in the evening.
So because it’s just an “occasional program,” something like this shouldn’t cost  “an arm and a leg”

Well, with a RE-2400DVBT2 FTA TV receiver plus a YAGINX + antenna, you can watch and listen to the free TV and radio channels, so you have no subscription costs, and therefore only a one-time purchase of the receiver and antenna. And the price is very modest!

Click on the DVBT2 products below to go to the product pages 

RE-2400DVBT2 FTA TV receiver

Some highlights:

  • Terrestrial TV in HD quality
  • free NPO1, 2, 3 and regional TV channels
  • various radio channels for free
  • record on USB 2.0 stick/eHDD
  • programmable recordings via EPG
  • watch TV and record at the same time

YAGINX+ outdoor antenna

Some highlights:

  • Please Note: Outdoor antennas such as these are supplied withóut an antenna cable
  • range to the mast: 80 kilometers
  • powerfull and waterproof
  • installation withóut tools!
  • 5V input voltage required (this is standardly supplied by the RE-2400DVBT2)

RE-2400DVBT2 WiFi dongle

Some highlights:

  • MT7601 driver/chipset
  • the RE-2400DVBT2 has this required driver ‘embedded’
  • for the usage of the YouTube functionality

Where can you buy al these nice things?

  • We have around 400 dealers and wholesalers between Groningen and Portugal.
    Many of these sales relationships are listed in our “store locator”: look in our menu at – support / find a local store.
  • Not all our sales relations have all Rebox products.
    So call or email them first, or visit their website.
    If you can’t figure it out, you can’t go anywhere or otherwise, you can also order the products in our own webshop (menu: consumers / shop).


For about 100 Euro you have a DVBT2 FTA TV receiver and a very powerful YAGINX + outdoor antenna with a range of 80 kilometers.
Meanwhile we have heard from, among others, a lot of beach house owners that they have an excellent reception (100% signal strength).
Since the KPN network migration from T1 to T2 they have TV on the beach again, just like before.

But with a WiFi dongle you not only have TV on the beach but also the rest of the world
You can connect this dongle in a few menu clicks / steps, which results in usage of the YouTube menu. So you not only have the free NPO TV channels plus the various news, pop, rock, jazz and classical music channels, but the rest of the world is also within reach in the form of, for example, concerts, episodes of South Park, and much and much more.
And this for less than 120 Euros.


  • between 9 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Friday, we can be reached by telephone for all your questions, via the number 023 – 5310 883
  • send a message to :
  • or visit us in Haarlem (calling in advance is highly appreciated)

We make versions available for download on this website, in the support / downloads menu.
You will also find our (additional) manuals there, for instance about how to install a software / firmware version.