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We’re self-confessed TV addicts and we’re here to make it easier, faster, sharper and altogether more enjoyable for all. Whether it’s streaming the latest films, playing apps or listening to your favourite tunes, we’re creating innovative kit that makes it all super easy to enjoy. Then we wrap it all up in very tempting prices and a service that’s second to none. What can we say, we’re tuned into your needs.

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Rebox DVBT2 Digitenne ontvanger

Rebox DVBT2 12 Volt HD Digitenne ontvanger

De nieuwe Rebox HEVC Digitenne ontvanger voor het T2 netwerk. Da’s dus Digitenne in HD kwaliteit!
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RE-2020HD S-PVR 12 Volt single tuner

The RE-2020HD S-PVR, a very low priced straight forward single tuner. No hassle. Just relax and watch.

RE-4220HD S-PVR (Black)

RE-4220HD S-PVR (Black)

Rebox RE-4220S HD S-PVR is developed as a best price-performance satellite platform for advanced satellite and interactive services…

Rebox RE-8220HD S-PVR twin-tuner satellite receiver


End-of-Sale – This Rebox model is a dual tuner settop box, so if it’s connected to your dish with 2 coax cables, you are able to watch ..


RE-2220HD S-PVR was designed for advanced satellite projects which combine the best of traditional…

Rebox RE-1800T DVB-T ontvanger

RE-1800T 12V DVB-T receiver

Een DVB-T ontvanger voor bijvoorbeeld KPN Digitenne. Te gebruiken totdat er in Nederland wordt overgeschakeld naar het ‘T2’ netwerk.

RE-4220HD S-PVR (Silver)

Rebox RE-4220S HD S-PVR is developed as a best price-performance satellite platform for advanced satellite and interactive services…

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Freecom Mobile Drive 500GB

Freecom Mobile Drive 500GB

Heb je een RE-4220HD S-PVR of RE-2220HD S-PVR, en wil je wel ‘ns wat opnemen ..

all for fun andcontrolling fun for all

Universal Sony and Philips TV remote control unit

Universal remote control unit, suitable for all Sony and all Philips TV’s ..

Samsung and LG TV remote control unit

Universal Samsung and LG TV remote control unit

Universal remote control unit, suitable for all Samsung and all LG TV’s ..

Rebox RE-UL-RCU universal learning remote control unit

Rebox RE-UL-RCU Universal Learning Remote Control

With this Rebox ‘Universal Learning’ remote, you can also teach the remote some basic TV functions, including…

Cideko wifi Keyboard

Cideko wifi Keyboard with a motion controlled mouse function to control your..

Logitech Harmony 650

This universal learning remote control unit can replace up to 5 original ones ..

RCU Rebox 2000 serie

Remote Control Unit for a Rebox RE-2101SPVR or RE-2701SPVR satellite receiver, or a Scarlet (Stipte) ..

RCU Rebox 8000/9000 series

Remote Control Unit, suitable for the RE-8000HD PVR, RE-9000HD PVR and RE-8500HD PVR.

RCU Rebox 4000 serie

Remote Control Unit for a Rebox RE-4000HD PVR, RE-4200HD PVR or RE-4210HD PVR satellite receiver.

RCU Rebox 2200 serie

Remote Control Unit for a Rebox RE-2200HD PVR or RE-2210HD PVR satellite receiver.

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Joyne CI plus module

Joyne CI+ module

Joyne CI+ module with integrated smartcard for Joyne satellite TV subscribtions.

Canal Digitaal – M7 CAM-701 Viaccess/Orca CI+ Module

De nieuwste CDS/M7 CI+ module met geïntegreerde smartcard ..

Canal Digitaal – Multistream module

This Canal Digitaal Multistream module is compatible with the following Rebox satellite receivers ..

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DSC-500 Funke antenne

DSC-500 Funke antenne

Funke DSC-500 antenne om te gebruiken met bijvoorbeeld een KPN Digitenne TV ontvanger RE-1800T.

Rebox - Porter update cable set

Porter update serial port converter

So you had, for example, a power loss during a Rebox receiver update procedure which resulted in a 0 x 71 error in your display ..

12 Volt cable

Connect it to your car’s cigarette lighter, and ..

0-modem cross cable

0-modem RS-232 cross cable

When an error “0 x 71” occur after a firmware update on your Rebox single / twin tuner satellite receiver ..

all for fun andnetwork fun for all

Black Base EA-201 homeplug set

Black Base homeplug EA-201

Use your power wall outlets to connect several network devices with each other ..

Rebox WiFi dongle

Do you have a wireless network? Then you can use this 150 mbps Rebox USB WiFi dongle to ..

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iEAST Rebox StreamAmp AMP-i50A

StreamAmp AMP-i50A | Audio

PRICE €225,- | Do you want to stream multiroom audio wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth, and do you want to be able, to build in things neatly..

iEAST Rebox StreamAmp AMP-i50B

StreamAmp AMP-i50B | Multiroom Audio Streaming

PRICE €199,- | WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth Multiroom audiostreaming amplifier build-in model (2x 50 Watt) with Phoenix connectors for custom installation ..


SoundStream | MultiRoom streaming

If you connect the SoundStream to your stereo set or a couple of ‘powered’ speakers, then you can transform it to a streaming sound machine in the blink of an eye ..

StreamAmp AM 160

StreamAmp AM 160 – Multiroom audio streaming

You can connect the StreamAmp AM 160, to your passively, thus not powered, speaker set, because the amplifier, 2x 80 Watt, is already in it ..

SoundStream Pro – MultiRoom Audio Streamer

Choose different playlists and stream music to (up to) 8 zones in your house, with one click, and if you want, in high quality via S/PDIF ..

AudioCast for wireless streaming music

AudioCast – Wireless Streaming Music Sound System

I want to control my music in my kitchen and bedroom from one spot, and please not so complicated with all those extra complete HiFi sets ..