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  • innovations that give you an edge – We design kit that’s engineered to go the distance, makes it a breeze to extend their lifecycle and vitally, stuff that customers enjoy. With us, there’s only ever an upside.

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With an agile supply chain, sharp logistics and lean processes, we work intelligently to lower costs across the board to bring you surprisingly low-priced new and refurbished kit.

We work in the same language and time zone as you, which gives us an edge in developing and delivering on time and on budget. Oh, and you can order in low quantities too.

We work closely with large telcos and operators to realise their products and services. And as our designs are modular, it’s super easy to extend product lifecycles too.

Unlike the big guys, we can solve problems in a few hours. We can even be on-site in a flash or solve the problem remotely in the blink of an eye. It’s just our way.

How customers experience our products is everything to us. So we’re a little obsessed with ensuring both form and function come together beautifully.


Red Intercable | DIBOX DHD 1000

DVB-C receiver with IRDETO embedded

For this Argentinian customer we developed this cable unit which needed to be shipped and distributed in-time, with the start of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in mind.

Specifications: Irdeto smartcard, DVB-C Annex A/C & Annex B, 16 MB DDR RAM, Flash Memory 128 MB, MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264, Dolby

NPO | RE-NPO201 HDMI stick

For supporting the Dutch NPO services NPO1, NPO2 and NPO3 service for OTT and DVB-T2

The OTT services are using the internal WiFi antenna, and for receiving the DVB-T2 service, an external antenna is needed.
The HDMI stick will internally provide the needed antenna power for an active DVB-T2 antenna.

Hardware specifications: 1G, 8G EMMC, AP6255 WiFi S805X, DVB-T2 tuner
Accessories: power adapter, HDMI cable, RF adapter cable, KR54 bluetooth RCU

HTP | Rebox 622T2

DVB-T2 Irdeto CCA PVR receiver

For the Croation – HT Produkcija – as part of Deutsche Telekom, we developed for their EVOTV service partner, this Rebox 622T2 settop box which will be used for reception of Irdeto CCA encrypted DVB-T2 service and free to air DVB-T/T2 service.
This unit supports H.264/H.265, PVR functions for FTA plus PayTV channels with copy protection, OTA software downloads, and much more.

Main specs:

STB Type: DVB-T2 HD HEVC Receiver
Mechanical: RBX CASE
Main Chipset: GX6613H
Flash Memory: 128MB
SDRAM Memory: DDR 256MB
Irdeto support

MySat – Australia | RE-613

DVB-S2 MPEG4 HEVC Irdeto smartcard zapper

The Rebox RE-613 HD Set-top Box offers subscribers the latest enhancements in satellite television viewing.
This STB gives consumers a rich experience with new features, which provides a customized design solution and a variety of applications such as a user-friendly EPG, genres navigators and many other utility services.
The STB is compliant with DVB-S/S2 standards and H.265/H.264/MPEG-2/MPEG-4. It supports PAL/NTSC formats and is built to support renewable security.

Main specs:

STB Type: DVB-S2 HD Receiver
Mechanical: RBX CASE
Interface: LNB IN, SPDIF, HDTV-OUT, AV, LAN, USB*1, DC (12V)
Main Chipset: GX6613H
Flash Memory: NAND 128MB
SDRAM Memory: DDR 256MB
Conditional Access: Irdeto smartcard

  • Support Irdeto CAS Softcell Secured chipset (smartcard slot)
  • Video decoder support MPEG-2/MPEG-4, H.264, H.265
  • Audio decoder support MPEG-1 I/II, MPEG-2 II AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby optional

multiple Operators worldwide | Rebox DVB-T2 antennas

Rebox own indoor/outdoor DVB-T2 antennas and power inserter

We offered/delivered one or more products from our own developed DVB-T2 product range to several national and international operators/providers/distributors, such as: KPN, M7 Group, Media Broadcast, ReadyTV

RE-23FA indoor antenna

Example specifications:
RE-23FA | indoor

Frequency range: 470-694 MHz
Gain: 6~18dBi
Output Impedance: 75O
3.5M coaxial cable
Built-in amplifier powered by Set Top Box (or by optional power inserter)
vertical/horizontal polarization

RED classification 1, RoHS 2.0, CE and WEEE approved


Combining business information and interactive Live TV

From the demand for In-Company interactive TV via internet, this zTV box was developed for Business TV solutions, for the Dutch KPN’s b-2-b customers.

LiveTV, recording & playback, just like at home, now available for shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, including communicating their business info, logo etc.

CNE | RE401T2

Free To Air DVB-T/T2 Terrestrial TV receiver developed for Cable Network Egypt

African Cup of Nations – Egypt 2019
The National Media Agency in Egypt announced the launch of its latest sports channels to broadcast the matches of the 2019 African Nations Cup on terrestrial TV channels, it called Time Sport.

Time Sport can be received on all terrestrial TV channels. The channel cannot be received via satellite or via satellite receivers.

Therefore the Egyptian National Media Authority (ENMA) expressed their wish for distribution of DVB-T settop boxes and DVB-T antenna’s.
The antenna part in this process is performed by the Dutch company Funke Digital TV, while Rebox did the developing of this RE401T2 receiver.