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The Funke DSC550 4G LTE Indoor antenna provides you with a unique technical solution that guarantees a 4G LTE free TV signal reception.
Its popular and thin design makes the DSC550 4G LTE blend perfectly into any interior.
The Funke DSC550 is the first indoor antenna to be provided with Funke’s 4G LTE INERT technology; the best way to protect your TV signal reception from 4G LTE interferences.

Buy this antenna together with our RE-2400DVBT2 receiver and enjoy our special package-deal price

Rebox RE-2400 DVBT2 Receiver + Antenna DSC550

The new RE-2400DVBT HEVC H.265 FTA receiver for the T2 network PLUS the DSC550 Antenna for Chrystal Clear HD quality Terrestrial TV reception! >> Package Deal

handy add on

Power your RE-2400DVBT2 unit with this power cable instead of the 220/12 Volt adapter.


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