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crystal clear TV signal reception

The Funke DSC560 indoor antenna is a compact yet powerful indoor antenna that guarantees crystal clear TV signal reception. This plug-and-play antenna product of smart design offers you double reception performance and all the benefits of the Funke brand in a smaller jacket. Provided with Funke’s unique 4G LTE INERT technology the Funke DSC560 protects your TV signal reception from interferences caused by the 4G LTE network. Enjoy watching TV in a carefree manner with the Funke DSC560!

Buy this antenna together with our RE-2400DVBT2 receiver and enjoy our special package-deal price (only a few left)

Rebox RE-2400 DVBT2 Receiver + Antenna DSC560

The new RE-2400DVBT HEVC H.265 FTA receiver for the T2 network PLUS the newest DSC560 Antenna for Chrystal Clear HD quality Terrestrial TV reception! >> Package Deal
Perfect for watching EK soccer wherever you want!

handy add on

Power your RE-2400DVBT2 unit with this power cable instead of the 220/12 Volt adapter.


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