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leisure & marine shark fin 4G LTE INERT

This product will be delivered in a white giftbox without sleeve.
Outdoor antenna’s always will be delivered without a cable.

The Funke DSC310 is the original and first shark-fin compact outdoor antenna for digital TV signal reception.
With its small size and stylish look it can be used in every outdoor location and it is ideal for camping and marine leisure.
This maintenance free outdoor antenna is made of high quality materials and it is waterproof and withstands high temperatures.
With its integrated LTE INERT Technology, filters, low noise amplifier and shielded connectors it protects your TV signal from external interference.

Check it out! Our new RE-2400DVBT2 12 Volt Free To Air DVB-T2 receiver.

Rebox RE-2400DVBT2 HEVC H.265 FTA 12 Volts Receiver

The new RE-2400DVBT HEVC H.265 FTA receiver for the T2 network. That means Terrestrial TV in HD quality

handy add on

Power your RE-2400DVBT2 unit with this power cable instead of the 220/12 Volt adapter.


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