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install without tooling!

Will be delivered in white giftbox without sleeve.
Outdoor antenna’s ALWAYS will be delivered WITHOUT cable.

The Funke YagiNX Plus is the latest development within Funke Digital TV’s new generation of Yagi antennas. This new product has been developed for providing you with a double performance and directivity levels.

Featuring a compact and modern design the Funke YAGINX Plus offers you all the advantages of larger yagi antennas with a very easy and user friendly installation system made to endure the most adverse weather conditions. TV signal reception is LTE interference free thanks to the 5G and 4G LTE INERT technology with which the Funke YagiNX Plus has been equipped.

Check it out! Our new RE-2400DVBT2 12 Volt Free To Air DVB-T2 receiver.

Rebox RE-2400DVBT2 HEVC H.265 FTA 12 Volts Receiver

The new RE-2400DVBT HEVC H.265 FTA receiver for the T2 network. That means Terrestrial TV in HD quality

handy add on

Power your RE-2400DVBT2 unit with this power cable instead of the 220/12 Volt adapter.


pics & specs


  • Rebox - Funke YAGINX+ instruction manual

    83 KB Download Information

    Release notes

    In this manual  you see how to deploy your YAGINX+ outdoor-antenna. No tools necessary! 90% of this manual are pictures, so it's quite 'self-explaining'. NOTE: Most of the times the best receptions you'll get when you mount it VERTICALLY. Adjust the alignment till you get the strongest signal.