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high performance in a small package

The Funke YagiNX brings the trusted and proven concept of the Yagi antenna to the 21st century. The YaginNX puts the performance of larger antennas in a small package. Gifted with Funke’s unique LTE INERT technology, this antenna has also been provided with integrated filters and shielded connectors and cables. The YagiNX can easily be installed horizontally or vertically, no tools needed! With its compact size and modern technology, this next generation outdoor antenna will allow you to enjoy watching TV!

Check it out! Our new RE-2400DVBT2 12 Volt Free To Air DVB-T2 receiver.

Rebox RE-2400DVBT2 HEVC H.265 FTA 12 Volts Receiver

The new RE-2400DVBT HEVC H.265 FTA receiver for the T2 network. That means Terrestrial TV in HD quality

handy add on

Power your RE-2400DVBT2 unit with this power cable instead of the 220/12 Volt adapter.


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