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Suppose, you started an update, to promote your Rebox’ firmware version to the newest one.
You downloaded this software file from the download section on this website to perform the “USB stick” procedure, or you tried to execute the update from the Rebox menu itself.

Install progress ‘says’ .. 20% … 50% ….. so far so good …
And then your neighbour hits the main power cable while doing some excavation ..
Nice …..

RS-232 to USB converter cable

Rebox - Porter update cable set

NOTE .. also this cable is needed

0-modem RS-232 cross cable 9 pins

So because of the power loss, your Rebox receiver will start with an error in the display: 0 x 71
This error means your firmware update procedure is not correctly finished.
More … it was brutally interupted.
You can recover from this by performing a serial update, by using our free downloadable ‘Porter’ software tool, and your Rebox settop box connected with your computer with a o-modem cable.
Because many people do not have a computer anymore with the required serial (9-pins) port, we offer you this adapter solution.
With this converter plug you can make the connection between your laptop’s USB port and the serial port of your Rebox decoder.

Beware that you also need the, so called, o-modem (cross) cable.
One side of this cable makes the actual connection to your serial (RS-232) port of your Rebox receiver.
Also this cable you can find in this webshop.

And if you need some help, please visit our support menu for some Tips & Tricks, our FAQ’s, or our download section for an additional manual.


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  • rebox ontvanger update procedure via porter rs232.pdf

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