for 5V neededDVB-T1/T2 antennas

In general, most DVB-T1/T2 indoor- and outdoorantennas are active 5V needed antennas.
So this is also the case for our RE-23FA indoorantenna, and RE-23GA outdoorantenna model.
Using them in combination with by Rebox developed DVB-T1/T2 receivers, 5V antennapower is enabled by default.
Connecting an antenna directly to a TV with a built-in T1/T2 tuner, than you’ll need this RE-23FA002 Power Inserter.

Connectors: IEC male | IEC female

IEC male connector
IEC female connector
USB cable + powerplug

sealbag size
13 x 10 x 3 cm
USB cable
80 cm
100~240V / 5V