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universal learning remoteRE-UL-RCU

With this Rebox ‘Universal Learning’ remote control unit for, for example, a RE-8220HD S-PVR, RE-4220HD S-PVR or RE-2220HD S-PVR, you can also teach the remote some basic TV functions, including:

  • TV power ON/OFF
  • Input selectie (bron/source)
  • Volume UP/DOWN


NOTE: there are 2 types of this RCU in circulation.
The outer difference is minimal. One has a RED recording button and the other one has a WHITE button.
The learning-procedure for a few TV functionalities is the main difference.
For both types, on our website rebox.tv, we have made available a manual.
(RE-UL-RCU v1 = the RED button  /  RE-UL-RCU v2 = the WHITE button)

Helpful guides

  • General manuals
  • re-ul-rcu inleer proces.pdf

    85 KB Download