€ 1995

networkRebox WiFi dongle

Rebox WiFi dongle, suitable for Rebox models from 2011.
Such as:

  • RE-2200HD PVR
  • RE-2210HD PVR
  • RE-2220HD S-PVR
  • RE-4200HD PVR
  • RE-4210HD PVR
  • RE-4220HD S-PVR
  • RE-8500HD PVR
  • RE-8220HD S-PVR

Do you have a wireless network?
Then you can use this 150 mbps Rebox USB WiFi dongle to connect to it, and make use of internet based apps, or our server to update the firmware of your Rebox single/twin tuner.
On this www.rebox.tv website you can find our manual about how to take this in use.