€ 20295

The StreamAmp AM 160 audio multiroom streamer

The StreamAmp AM 160 is an audio multiroom streamer and amplifier in one!
You just connect 2 conventional, non powred/not active speakers to it , and you can stream your music wirelessly to them.
Right from you smartphone.
For Android and Apple/iOS you can simply download the free iEAST Play app.
Next you simply induct the StreamAmp AM 160 multiroom streamin in your wireless network, encrypted an thus secured data.
Then you just have to regulate how loud you want it.
Because with 2x 80Watt this multiroom speaker has got…POWERRR

Types of Music

Via the app you can arrange exactly, what you want coming from you speakers.
of course it could be MP3’s , which are stored locally on your Smartphone.
But if you have a NAS connected to your network, then you can also stream your NAS music files, to the StreamAmp, by using the DLNA functionality.
And then of course we also have the whole world of online streaming services.
For example: Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Pandora, Napster, Soundcloud and many more.
A Service like Deezer, for example, is/will be available with an app update.
Because of the Apple Airplay support, you can also stream your Apple device (iPhone, MAC computer, iPad, etc.) to an iEAST audio streamer connected, speaker(set).
And that’s a fairly unique, important extra feature!
This stream amp has also got a MicroSD card slot.
And because of the tulip L/R connection it is possibility, it is also possible to connect an ‘old fashioned’ device, for example a record player or a cassette deck.
So ‘music of the past’ over your network, with the technique of the present.


Next to the app, this amplified sound multiroom stream has also got its own remote control unit.
With functionalities such as, power on/off, volume up/down, previous/next file, input/source and 6 buttons which you can place your own playlists under, the RCU offers you  a nice added value.

Audio multiroom streamer

Next to this StreamAmp AM 160, we also provide various other iEAST multiroom streamers,
amplified and non-amplified.
If you integrate 2 or more in your network, then you can control them all through the just one app, and you can stream your music synchronized to all locations, or just one music to your kitchen and, something different to your bathroom/toilet, etc. etc.
With Multiroom audio streaming, you can manage till up to 8 different locations/zones in your house.


We are official / contractual partner of iEAST for the Benelux.
Rebox, as a provider of these products is a Dutch oriented company.
If you have any questions, regarding one of our products, then you can count on Dutch support.
Call us or send us a message.
Dropping by in Haarlem is also possible, during weekdays.

Advantages iEAST compared with other streaming Solutions

Included cables are a lot longer, then what is supplied with other streamers.
Without naming another brand, but 10 cm is not very practical…
When you want to arrange 2 or more zones, the you are mostly  bound to kind more or less the same configuration.
This means, when added up , this often is a very high amount of money.
The different iEAST multiroom streamers you can use interchangeably.
For example an AudioCast of no more the 50 euro’s, to stream to your existing stereo(set) and
for instance the somewhat more excusive SteamAmp-i50B, to built in neatly, so you can stream to your built in kitchen sealing speakers.
Multiroom streaming with iEAST products is for ‘half the price’ or maybe even less!


Android & iOS app

Just connect the StreamAmp AM 160 audio multiroom streamer in a few seconds to your WiFi network. With the iEAST Play app for Android / iOS you stream your music from a wide variety of online music services, like Spotify, TuneIn, Tidal, or from your local smartphone, NAS or USB port connected media. With the free app you control multiroom audio streaming to up to 8 zones. Because it’s also an amplifier (2x 80 Watt) you just need 2 passive / non-powered speakers. A multiroom streamer with power!

StreamAmp AM 160wireless streaming

Pumping 2×80 Watt directly to your ‘normal conventional speakers’, is what it can do and is just what it does.
Your Spitify, MP3, or whatever, streaming through your house with … POWER!

Easy setup
Stream to non-powered speakers
Musicservices like spotify, Napster, TuneIn and others
Stream wirelessly to a maximum of 8 zones (app)
USB port , for stick or external HDD
Ethernet port, if you prefer cabled

in no-timemusic all over the place

You just connect this Wireless Multi-room Stereo amplifier to a set of normal (passive) speakers.
After all it is a 2×80 Watt amplifier on its own.
With this in black brushed aluminum coloring, this StreamAMP AM 160 is not only ‘a feast for the eyes’, but also for the ears.
Just like with all our other iEAST streamers, you can stream your favorite online music services like Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn or one of the many others, via the free downloadable app for Android and iOS.
But what if you still have a turntable..
You just connect it to the amplifier, by using the included RCA/tulip-plug cable.
The music from the early days, with the classic dynamic an LP simply has, with the modern (streaming)technology of the present.


Included power/trafo/cable
RCA/tulip connectors/cables
and quickguide


20 cm x 11.6 cm x 3 cm
USB 2.0 port for eHDD/stick
RCA/tulip plugs/cables


  • Free iEAST Play app for Android
  • Free iEAST play app for iOS
  • Streaming music from your Smartphone memory
  • Streaming music from your NAS
  • Streaming of many music services such as, Spotify, Napster, TuneIn and many more
  • Streaming from a USB stick or external HDD which is attached to the StreamAmp AM 160
  • Multi-Room streaming to a maximum of 8 zones (app functionality)
  • 10/100 Mbps ethernet port, to connect directly to your router
  • RCA/tulip connectors/cables for example to connect nostalgic devices (turntable, casettedeck)
  • L/R +/- input, to connect your passive speakers to the device


We’re always finding innovative ways to make your experience of our devices all the more enjoyable. So when we have something new to share from firmware updates to new plugins, you’ll be able to download them here.

Helpful guides

  • General manuals
  • iEAST afstandsbediening - services koppelen aan preset buttons

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Helpful guides

  • General manuals
  • Een iEAST playlist maken

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Helpful guides

  • General manuals
  • Een iEAST streamer aansluiten op het netwerk

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  • Home Automation | iEAST
  • Fibaro plugs and instruction

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    Release notes

    Home Controller Fibaro allows to create virtual devices (VD) Current VD allows to connect to iEast module and sent HTTP requests to it.