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Do you have a Sony or Philips TV, it does not matter which type, and has it been produced after the year 2000?
Then we have a remote control for you.
For a bargain 🙂

An original Remote control for a Sony or Philips TV often costs a lot, depending on the type, sometimes 2 or 3 times as much.
We have produced this Rebox model, in such a way, that it works on áll Sony and áll Philips (Smart) TVs.
We also heard several times, that it also works on “old fashion’ TV models.
It can be yours for less than 15 euros.

Just like ‘its look alike’, the – Universal Samsung and LG TV remote control unit RCU for all TV models -, this model is not only bought, by Sony and Philips TV users, when the original remote is defective, or lost, but also to safely store the original RCU, to keep it in good condition.
Kind of smart actually.

So, if you have an LCD, LED, Plasma, or an OLED ‘spark box’, and you are looking for a universal remote control unit, then you have found one 😉