• RE-2400DVBT2

  • RE-2400DVBT2 software v2.53

    4 MB

    Release notes

    • Several textual changes/improvements
    • updated Youtube
      NOTE: if you want to use this Youtube function, you need our special RE-2400DVBT2 WiFi dongle
      (available in our webshop, or at several Rebox dealers)
      Download our “addendum 1”  (extra user manual) for instructions.
    • Timeshift function added
      NOTE: to use this function, please connect storage media like a USB stick to your receiver.
      (default = OFF in the DVR Configuration sub-menu)
      So if you want to use this, set this option to ON in the menu
    • Format Storage option added
      Format your storage media, and see your total/free space
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