we’ll turn your brainwave into a reality, quick smart

Don’t be shy, show us your ideas, objectives and what sort of product you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. We’ll add our own expertise to your thoughts and together we’ll arrive at a creative solution that makes your moment of inspiration come alive.

You see, we can engineer custom products from scratch, incorporating all the latest gadgets and wizardry, and get a proof of concept back to you in 10 weeks. Yes, really. Just 10 weeks. One of many benefits of being a lean manufacturer.

So bring us your scribbles and we’ll work efficiently, creatively and flexibly to make them a reality.

technology that makes your life easier

First up, high innovation comes at a low cost. Next, we can quickly integrate software, middleware and digital rights management to take the stress away from you.

customers that never leave your side

It’s a simple equation. Next generation TV hardware + multimedia entertainment = happy customers who don’t cut the cord. It all adds up to a happier you.